Star Wars - Dirge's Dogs

Black Nova Ledger Entry 27

Met up with the operatives today. Funny group. Seems like they might be trying to out bad-ass each other. Hopefully they’ll mesh well when the Skyll hits the grinder. Kal is a little scary. (I thought Kii was naive.) Raikinya is a mess. Gotta get him to the root of his problems or the Lesai will cost me more than his pay. I do ultimately think they’ll work out fine for the Tatooine job. While important, it should be a simple enough snatch and grab for them to cut their teeth on.

-I’m stationed in orbit over Tatooine. Kii Vah set up shop on Kal’s ship, ‘Wobbegong’. Ive never seen anything like it. If I wasn’t employing the kid I might’ve jacked it. Nah. Definately wouldn’t want to get on Nym’s shit-list. Still… she looks like she’d be a blast to fly.
Just got word. Team checked in. (deep breath) Here goes nothing.



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