Garo Kiriko


GARO KIRIKO – Medium Male Nagai -

Salvage Points: 13


  • Almost There… – Hit at least once in 3 consecutive rounds of an encounter.

/ personal recording 00.00.1
/encrypted file….
//decrypting in progress….
//data corruption detected…
/…decryption successful with errors
//opening file
personal recording 00.00.1
asasd 8 f9as hsd0hhias d80 0sdylkh k a 9i3 a s08 9sad 09489tlk as as09yh ghas09ghopihasdg9h0 90w hasla 0hasdoihasdfsd what many would call freedom.
What is the purpose of having freedom if it is lived without honor? I have hoped to ask this question by throwing myself at Death and each time I am denied an answer. I cannot darken the memory of my family with a frivolous death. I have been cast out with no hope of return. I cannot seek honor using my ancestral Tehk’la blade for only the honorable may wield it. Now it is the heaviest burden I have, a constant reminder of my failings. It weighs on my back like a mountain.
I now use blasters and seek worthy opponents using their weapons, some who have wielded one for all their life!; but each one falls. Each one obtains their answer whether they wanted it or not and yet I am constantly denied. Now I am invited to join this Dirge’s “dogs” with the promise of my honor being restored. How he knew of my past is a mystery. I have no choice but to see if his words hold meaning. I have no choice but to blindly walk a path laid before me which is blanketed in darkness. I would ask for guidance but I know only silence will greet me.
/*end personal recording 00.00.1

Garo Kiriko

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