Disgraced Chiss soldier of fortune looking for redemption.


RAIKINYA – Medium Male Chiss – Soldier 7
Initiative 11, Perception 3, Languages Cheunh, Basic, Force Points 8
Defenses Reflex 22, Fort 20, Will 17, HP 73 Threshold 20
Speed 6 Base Attack Bonus 7
STR 10 ( +0 ) DEX 17 ( +3 ) CON 12 ( +1 ) INT 14 ( +2 ) WIS 10 ( +0 ) CHA 10 ( +0 )
Skills: Acrobatics 6, Climb 3, Deception 3, Endurance 9, Gather Information 3, Initiative 11, Jump 3, Knowledge Tactics 10, Mechanics 10, Perception 3, Persuasion 3, Pilot 11, Ride 6, Stealth 6, Survival 3, Swim 3, Treat Injury 3, Use Computer 10, Use the Force 3
Talents: Armored Defense, Indomitable, Improved Armor Defense, Weapon Specialization: Rifle
Feats: Armor Proficiency: Light, Armor Proficiency: Medium, Weapon Proficiency: Pistols, Weapon Proficiency: Rifles, Weapon Proficiency: Simple Weapons, Martial Arts 1, Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot
Salvage Points: 17


  • Jet Juicer – Your character has become addicted to spice or alcohol.

  • Almost There… – Hit at least once in 3 consecutive rounds of an encounter.

  • Plasma Magnet – Take 50 or more damage in one session.

  • Creespa Choobies – Take the first damage of the campaign.

  • Blaster-happy – Deal 20 or more points of damage to one target with a single ranged attack.

Raikinya was once a soldier for House Tranith, whose family fell from grace when younger brother decided to not follow orders and kill an enemy leader in a strategic battle. Due to this his entire family was cast out of the Chiss Homeworld.

During the battle Raikinya lost Left Arm and Leg due to a frag explosion.

Since then Raikinya has been wandering the galaxy looking for a way to redeem his families honor, working as a mercenary for hire. During which Raikinya got addicted to drugs to help stay awake and alert as he is unable to sleep due to memories of the battle that took his leg and arm and to help him deal with the pain of losing everything. Raikinya can be most frequently found in cantinas where he lives his life out of drugs and booze. He is honorable, but down cast, as he feels like he is in a hopeless situation. He is loyal to a fault, but has not found anything to put him any closer to redemption.


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