Star Wars - Dirge's Dogs

Black Nova Ledger Entry 23

Kii Vah informs me we’re running low on fresh bacta after the last mission. Aurek and Cresh got through fine, Besh got blasted hard. He might need a prosthetic when Kii is all done with him… Ouch. That’s gonna set profits back a bit… Will run over mission summary again and find out what went wrong.

Black Nova Ledger Entry 24

Kii Vah worked his magic on Besh’s arm! No cyber needed! (thank god) 600L bacta on order.
Esk reported in. Clean house. (l..>78)

Black Nova Ledger Entry 25

Advised B5-4P the next time he records over my unwatched holonet reports with his terrible daytime drama-vids, I’m gonna shoot him in the throat and boot him over the ledge. I’m not joking about this…

Black Nova Ledger Entry 26

Collecting data and dossiers for a new group of sunrunners.

Black Nova Ledger Entry 27

Met up with the operatives today. Funny group. Seems like they might be trying to out bad-ass each other. Hopefully they’ll mesh well when the Skyll hits the grinder. Kal is a little scary. (I thought Kii was naive.) Raikinya is a mess. Gotta get him to the root of his problems or the Lesai will cost me more than his pay. I do ultimately think they’ll work out fine for the Tatooine job. While important, it should be a simple enough snatch and grab for them to cut their teeth on.

-I’m stationed in orbit over Tatooine. Kii Vah set up shop on Kal’s ship, ‘Wobbegong’. Ive never seen anything like it. If I wasn’t employing the kid I might’ve jacked it. Nah. Definately wouldn’t want to get on Nym’s shit-list. Still… she looks like she’d be a blast to fly.
Just got word. Team checked in. (deep breath) Here goes nothing.

Black Nova Ledger Entry 28

Operation Lockbox is underway. From all accounts everyone is doing their jobs okay. Esk had to intervene to patch up Raikinya after a huge street battle with some Raiders, but other than that… Perfect. Raikinya should wake up in his hotel room tomorrow a little sore, but none worse for wear. Some of the boys are going to meet Krunta’hh tonight.
Here’s to hoping nothing screws up.

Black Nova Ledger Entry 29

Things screwed up… Oh lord did things screw up.
Just wait it out now…

Black Nova Ledger Entry 30

Well.. The team pulled it off. It was a little shaky at first, but the efforts of Raikinya, Kal, Garo, Zush and Fynn really paid off… Both of the employers were happy with the results, and as I write this, the slaves they rescued from the Black Sun shadowport are now being reunited with their families. Kal managed to fly the group to the Wobbegong safely on a pod-racer and Zush single-handedly secured that their tracks would not be followed. Everybody acted swift, precise and deadly.
Time for a little vacation and then right back to business…


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