Salvage Points

Salvage Cards are random items your characters can get; they’re meant to encourage fun (as well as some positive habits, like arriving to the game on time). You accumulate salvage points, and when you have enough points, you can spend them for a Salvage Card. You can keep Salvage Cards for as long as you want. You can also trade them with other players, but it must be a trade (i.e. You need to receive a card in return.)

Tier 4 Card – 40 points (6 total cards available)
Tier 3 Card – 20 points (9 total cards available)
Tier 2 Card – 10 points (12 total cards available)
Tier 1 Card – 5 points (18 total cards available)

Ways to Get Salvage Points:

One Time Points

  • Write up a character background. – 10 points
  • Read the Core Rulebook (not every power, but at least the core rules) – 5 points
  • Make a list of three things you want out of the campaign.– 2 points

Ongoing Points

  • Arrive on time to a session and come prepared with character sheet, pencils, paper, books dice, etc. – 1 point
  • Note-taking (anyone who takes thorough notes) – 2-3 points
  • Make something cool for the campaign (props, buildings, etc) – variable
  • Bring Snack Food/Drinks – 1-3 points
  • Bringing props for your character – clothing items, weapons, trinkets, etc. – 1 point/session
  • Hit a new achievement. – 1 point
  • Hit a story arc achievement. – 5 points

Each player can also give out up to 2 points per session. These can be given out for good role-playing, problem solving, tactics, creativity, and for humor and fun.

Current Point Totals:
Fynn Sarn – 12
Kalay’kwi Nabbas – 10
Zush, hive Zabin – 5
Raikinya – 15
Garo Kiriko – 12

Salvage Points

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