• B5-4P


    Black Nova's protocol droid receptionist
  • Fynn Sarn

    Fynn Sarn

    A very serious and quiet young man who moves with a smooth gait. Everything seems to have his full attention.
  • Kalay'kwi Nabbas

    Kalay'kwi Nabbas

    Cheerful and heroic Selonian pilot...if he uses the Force, it's when he touches the controls of a starship
  • Kii Vah

    Kii Vah

    A young Lurmen medic.
  • Lazslo Dirge

    Lazslo Dirge

    Owner and proprietor of the Black Nova Courier Service.
  • Raikinya


    Disgraced Chiss soldier of fortune looking for redemption.
  • Zush, hive Zabin

    Zush, hive Zabin

    Notorious podracer and pazaak player, shadowy and mysterious. Fond of blue milk and the Modal Nodes.